Use Cases

Aeryus ChainPayments™ is the smartphone app
you use to make any type of payment.

Send money to your daughter at college.
It goes straight into her account.

Make purchases at a retail location
Open the app, aim it at Point of Sale terminal
at checkout, press “send payment”.
It travels instantly.

Pay the yard maintenance bill or your local coffee shop.
Just select the payee, type in an amount,
and ChainPayments selects the most economical
digital currency you own at time of payment.

Split a check at a restaurant with a friend.
Select that person in your “Contacts”,
tap in the amount, and send.

Purchase online from a growing list of retailers
like, Expedia (for hotel rooms), Microsoft,
plus gift cards sites like Gyft and eGifter. There are
thousands of sites worldwide. If they take digital
currency – no matter which digital currency –
you can pay with Aeryus.


AeryusOne™ is the Point of Sale terminal
in the Aeryus system.

Send money to your daughter at college.
It goes straight into her account.

The sleek and stylish terminal takes up very
little space by the cash register, but can do so much.
Paying is a cinch, with no long strings of data code to enter..

It’s as easy to pay at retail as with Apple Pay or a credit card.
just point your smartphone at the terminal and the Aeryus system
selects the most economical currency in your wallet,
saving you money with each transaction.

Merchants get their funds instantly, with no bank holds.
And there is no possibility of a charge back for fraudulent
use, since Aeryus authenticates users.

Aeryus APIs make it possible for existing terminals
to take Aeryus payments, as easily as they
take traditional currency today,.


Aeryus FirewallAI™ is the artificial intelligence
that adds additional security to your Aeryus account.

Even though Blockchain technology is next to impossible to hack,
to make sure your account is secure, Aeryus has worked with
a top AI innovator in the blckchain world.

TOur Firewall not only learns from your past purchases where
you shop and what you shop for, but can predict
your future behavior.

If a purchase is initiated that seems out of whack – a wrong
location, an item that is uncharacteristic, an amount that doesn’t
make sense, or any other detail that seems out of place – Aeryus
will stop it until the purchase can be authenticated.


Aeryus BlockExplorer™ is your digital receipt box.

Need proof you paid a bill? All the details of every transaction
are forever available, since Aeryus can’t be fooled, that
receipt is all the proof you need the vendor was paid.

Have to return an item to a retailer? No need to hold onto paper
receipts or search through email receipts. Just click on your Aeryus app,
look up the vendor, and find the transaction where your whole purchase
history with the store is saved – and encrypted – until you need it.

Preparing tax documents and need a record of your tax contributions?
Aeryus stores all the detail of every transaction, including the tax paid.
That’s good news when it’s time to report.

Estimating a home repair job? Look up what a similar job cost.
It’s the most organized “file cabinet” you ever used.


Aeryus DApps™ are the apps we make available
to other retailers to bring Aeryus functionality to
sites and apps everywhere.

Have your own e-commerce jewelry site, and want to make your
designs available without middlemen or borders? Add Aeryus to your
site and let us process payments for you. You get money in a flash!

Delivering a music or video download? The transaction using Aeryus
makes that transaction hack proof. Piracy is in the past.

If you’re a contractor who needs a signed estimate, the Aeryus agreement
built into your business site delivers a smart contract for your client to sign. Once it’s
part of the blockchain, no one can alter it, delete anything, or change a price.