FirewallAI and DApp

Built to Protect

Aeryus Firewall AI built a powerful layer of protection
that lives in the background of the Aeryus network.
You’ll never know it’s even there until you need it.
Whether for business or personal use, if anything suspicious
occurs, Aeryus Firewall AI will notify you immediately.

Aeryus Firewall AI is a trusted partner for businesses needing
machine learning AI. It is flexible and scalable to work
with any size business in any industry across the globe.

Seamless and secure.

Built to make online transactions seamless

DApp. A Decentralized Application.
The focus of the Aeryus DApp on our ChainPayments
network, is identity authentication at the point of transaction.

Aeryus DApp allows web-based merchants to recognize
and approve purchases quickly and securely, while keeping
transactions completely decentralized and protected on the blockchain.

No more hassles or worry over fraudulent purchases.
No chargebacks. No bank holds. And no banks!
It’s your money. Get it faster and keep more of it.

IAs an extension of the Aeryus Chain Payments wallet, users can easily access their
digital currencies from any of our supported web browsers.