You’re in a store. You own digital currency, and want to use it to pay. But the merchant doesn’t have any way to process your payment, so you whip out the credit card and hope the processing company that collects your payment isn’t the NEXT one to report a major hack with millions of accounts stolen.

Sound familiar? All too familiar. It’s gotten to the point where, if you’re alive, you’ve been hacked. And merchants can be left holding the bag when a stolen card is used for payments. Even for legitimate purchases, merchants can face long hold times before receiving payments, often with only vague explanations for the delay from payment processors.

Not with AeryusOne™, the sleek and sophisticated terminal that processes payments. AeryusOne™ is custom-designed to work with the Aeryus system. With your Aeryus smartphone app open, the payment goes directly from you to the merchant through the merchant’s terminal. The transaction – and your account – are secure because it’s blockchain, which means there’s no central database like a bank or credit card site to hack. The payment is instantaneous, which means the merchant is paid right away. And since the transaction is legitimized by the blockchain, the merchant doesn’t have to worry about a charge bouncing back.

Aeryus really is the first complete payment solution for digital currencies.


AeryusOne™ is the Point of Sale terminal in the Aeryus system.


The sleek and stylish terminal takes up very
little space by the cash register, but can do so much.
Paying is a cinch, with no long strings of data code to enter.


It’s as easy to pay at retail as with Apple Pay or a credit card.
just point your smartphone at the terminal and the Aeryus system
selects the most economical currency in your wallet,
saving you money with each transaction.


Merchants get their funds instantly, with no bank holds.
And there is no possibility of a charge back for fraudulent
use, since Aeryus authenticates users.


Aeryus APIs make it possible for existing terminals
to take Aeryus payments, as easily as they
take traditional currency today,