whatIS AERYUS FirewallAI™

It’s convenient to give a neighbor your credit card to run to the pharmacy for you when you are sick. Or let your kids charge a trip to the mall with your credentials. But it’s also a little alarming how easily someone – anyone – can use another person’s credit cards. With little-to-no scrutiny.

Aeryus has worked with one of the most renowned AI experts in the blockchain world to develop our own, proprietary FirewallAI™ protection. It’s true that blockchain transactions are inherently safer than typical business trades. That’s just a fact of blockchain, where identities are authenticated by the chain, and made secure because of encrypted blocks that protect vital details. But Aeryus adds an additional level of protection that

1) learns your transaction history – the things you buy, and the places or people with whom you trade;

2) protects that information as part of the blockchain;

3) becomes smart at predicting which of your future purchases fit your buying patterns.

Aeryus really is the first complete payment solution for digital currencies.


Aeryus FirewallAI™ is the artificial intelligence that adds additional security to your Aeryus account.


Even though Blockchain technology is next to impossible to hack,
to make sure your account is secure, Aeryus has worked with
a top AI innovator in the blcokchain world.


Our Firewall not only learns from your past purchases where
you shop and what you shop for, but can predict
your future behavior.


If a purchase is initiated that seems out of whack – a wrong
location, an item that is uncharacteristic, an amount that doesn’t
make sense, or any other detail that seems out of place – Aeryus
will stop it until the purchase can be authenticated.