Since Aeryus is such a convenient way to make secure payments with digital currency, isn’t it a shame that Aeryus isn’t everywhere? Well, it can be, thanks to Aeryus DApps™.

Aeyus DApps™ – or Distributed Apps – provides Aeryus payment functionality across the web and as part of other apps. Any retailer or service provider can use our APIs to build a transactional module that is “white labeled” and invisible to the user. Whether you are selling clothes or delivering movie downloads, Aeryus can be your solution for authenticating the purchaser, and delivering everything from:

1) the right merchandise

2) an immutable contract

3) a secure and un-hackable download

And if you are delivering copyrighted material, like music or a feature film, that purchaser is the only one who can receive the goods.

Aeryus really is the first complete payment solution for digital currencies.


Aeryus DApps™ are the apps we make available to other retailers to bring Aeryus functionality to sites and apps everywhere.


Have your own ecommerce jewelry site, and want to make your
designs available without middlemen or borders? Add Aeryus to your
site and let us process payments for you. You get money in a flash!


Delivering a music or video download? The transaction using Aeryus
makes that transaction hack proof. Piracy is in the past.


If you’re a contractor who needs a signed estimate, the Aeryus agreement
built into your business site delivers a smart contract for your client to sign. Once it’s
part of the blockchain, no one can alter it, delete anything, or change a price.