Aeryus ChainPayments is an easy-to-use smartphone application created to make paying with digital currency seamless and mainstream. You can use any of the currencies in your wallet to send or receive funds. Got a kid in college? Send money immediately for books, supplies or spending money. Split the bill for dinner, send money across town, across the country or across the globe – quickly, securely and safely.

One of the most difficult issues with digital currencies is their volitility. You never know from one minutes to the next how much any currency is worth – making it really difficult to use for everyday purchases. Plus trying to type in ridiulously long wallet addresses can be quite a challenge – and if you get it wrong, you could end up sending your money to a total stranger. Not cool.

Not to worry! Aeryus will do all the hard work for you! Not only will Aeryus figure out the exchange rate on the spot, but it will also tell you which digital currency will give you the most bang for your buck. And that long wallet address? Aeryus only needs the phone number of the person you are sending to – easy peasy.

As more and more merchants join the Aeryus network, you will be able to purchase just about anything using your phone and your digital currency. No more banks, no more middleman, no more insecurity. It’s just you, your trading partner and the blockchain – where the entire transaction is stored safely, securely and accessible only to the two of you.

Aeryus really is the first complete payment solution for digital currencies.


Aeryus ChainPayments™ is the smartphone app you use to make any type of payment


Send money to your daughter at college.
It goes straight into her account.


Make purchases at a retail location
Open the app, aim it at Point of Sale terminal
at checkout, press “send payment”.
It travels instantly.


Pay the yard maintenance bill or your local coffee shop.
Just select the payee, type in an amount,
and ChainPayments selects the most economical
digital currency you own at time of payment.


Split a check at a restaurant with a friend.
Select that person in your “Contacts”,
tap in the amount, and send.


Purchase online from a growing list of retailers
like Overstock.com, Expedia (for hotel rooms), Microsoft,
plus gift cards sites like Gyft and eGifter. There are
thousands of sites worldwide. If they take digital
currency – no matter which digital currency –
you can pay with Aeryus.