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Easy to use

“With Aeryus ChainPayments™ use any digital currency
you own to make payments, transfer money, split the
check, or shop online. As quick and easy as using a debit
card, but with advanced features that eliminate fraud,
protect your identity, and store receipts forever.”

Peer to peer

Limitless. Bankless. Decentralized

Whatever currency you own, Aeryus Chain Payments convert
it to your payee’s currency, even selecting the most economical currency
you own if you own more than one. And it’s so simple:

1. Select who to pay

2. Tap in the amount

3. Tap, send and you’re done!

Confirmation is instantaneous with no middleman or central
authority managing or monitoring your transactions.
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Buy anything

A better way to pay

Aeryus Chain Payments gives you freedom
and control of your money. No bank fees, no delays
in sending or receiving funds, no more hassles
or worry over transaction and/or identity theft.
Purchase anything, anywhere digital currency
is accepted...and pretty soon that will be everywhere.

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ChainPayments means business

Accept digital currency payments
in store, online or on the go.

Start accepting any digital currency today!
Receive payments within seconds.

No more hassles or worry over fraudulent purchases.
No chargebacks. No bank holds. And no banks!
It’s your money. Get it faster and keep more of it.

If you’re a merchant looking for
a better way to accept payments...

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to get the Aeryus Chain Payments software for your business.