Built for forever

Paper receipts and contracts are a thing of the past
because Aeryus BlockExplorer saves them
on the blockchain—fraud-free and forever.
Your identity can’t be compromised.
Your transactions are secure.
Launching in late 2019.

Before Aeryus, if you needed to return a purchased
item you’d have to find the paper receipt, or hunt
down the email receipt if it wasn’t deleted!

On the Aeryus network, receipts of any kind are
never lost because they are part of smart contracts
that are in the record of the whole transaction.
Who, what, where, when, how much –
everything is there in the chain.

The record can’t be changed after the fact
because of the very essence of blockchain technology
prevents anyone from changing any block in the chain.

Everything you need to know or prove is detailed,
easy to search, and easy to find. And for businesses
that need to report earnings, pay taxes, or comply
with regulations – the blockchain record of an
Aeryus purchase can easily provide the
information for any filing or compliance audit.

Aeryus BlockExplorer™. Just another Aeryus blockchain
solution to make your life a little bit easier!