One of the most interesting aspects of the new crypto world we live in is how the blockchain retains information. Forever and unchangeable!

Before Aeryus, you’d make a purchase in a store that you need to return... Where was that business located? Where is that receipt? Even email receipts can be hard to locate or, worse yet, deleted!

But receipts for Aeryus purchases are never lost because the receipt is part of the smart contract that is in the record of the whole transaction. Who, where, when, how much – everything is there in the chain. The record can’t be changed after the fact because the blockchain prevents anyone from changing any block in the chain. So everything you need to know or prove is detailed, easy to search, and easy to find. And for businesses that need to report earnings, pay taxes, or comply with regulations – the blockchain record of an Aeryus purchase can easily provide the information for any filing or compliance audit.

Aeryus really is the first complete payment solution for digital currencies


Aeryus BlockExplorer™ is your digital receipt box.


Need proof you paid a bill? All the details of every transaction
are forever available, since Aeryus can’t be fooled, that
receipt is all the proof you need the vendor was paid.


Have to return an item to a retailer? No need to hold onto paper
receipts or search through email receipts. Just click on your Aeryus app,
look up the vendor, and find the transaction where your whole purchase
history with the store is saved – and encrypted – until you need it.


Preparing tax documents and need a record of your tax contributions?
Aeryus stores all the detail of every transaction, including the tax paid.
That’s good news when it’s time to report.


Estimating a home repair job? Look up what a similar job cost.
It’s the most organized “file cabinet” you ever used.