Industries served

Aeryus is building blockchain products that give
people opportunity and power in their lives.
It’s the blockchain, simplified and humanized.
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Financial services

Embracing the digital currency revolution

Aeryus ChainPayments™ is our digital currency payment solution.
It is an easy-to-use smartphone app that allows Aeryus network
users to send, request, receive and pay using digital currency.

Whether sending money to a friend, splitting the check,
shopping online or instore, Aeryus Chain Payments is as easy
as using a debit card. And because Aeryus ChainPayments
is build on decentralized blockchain technology,
all transactions are safer and more secure than
traditional banking methods of yesterday.

Retail services

Fast. Safe. Secure.

AeryusOne™ and Aeryus ChainPayments™ — commerce-friendly tools that
break down barriers between people and businesses that want to trade.

Merchants get their money faster and more direct with fraudulent purchases
practically eliminated. Buyers have access to merchants
all over the world without the constant threat of identity theft or fraud.

Merchants can accept any digital currency and simplify their
sales process with AeryusOne’s user-friendly system.

AeryusOne provides a smooth checkout process and converts digital
currency rates in real time. No hassles, no long waits for payments,
low, low fees and best of all, no middleman.
Everyone wins on the Aeryus network