Meet Aeryus.

The easy way to pay using any digital currency.

Aeryus is easy and works with any device from smartphones to desktops. Make
secure purchases in stores and on the web. Send and receive any digital currency to
anyone. Easier than swiping your debit card, and much more secure.

An easy way to use your digital currency to send and receive funds.

Sending and receiving digital currency is just a couple of clicks away. No matter what digital currency you have, it will easily convert it to the curency needed at the time of your transaction. And best of all, no banks, no fees and no borders... just you and your trading partner.

An easy way to use your
digital currency to buy stuff
in stores and online!

Fast. Safe. Secure. Using the Aeryus ChainPayments App you can buy anything, anywhere digital curreny is accepted.
And pretty soon that will be everywhere.

The smart
choice for business owners
who want to accept digital currency.

Thanks to AeryusOne, accepting digital currency is finally a snap because AeryusOne does all the work. AeryusOne calculates the exchange ratein realtime at the moment of the transaction. You receive payments within minutes and there’s no chargeback fees because fraudulent purchases are basically eliminated. Contact us for more information.

Built to protect.
Digital currency fraud
protection Firewall AI

The machine learning AI that lives within Aeryus is ground-breaking technology. It was built to protect all users with layers of Firewall AI that enables network transaction monitoring providing fraud prevention. AeryusAI will train the blockchain based upon your financial transaction habits so that if anything out-of-the-ordinary occurs, it will stop the transaction and notify you immediately.

Totally safe. Totally secure. Totally forever. The place where all digital currency transaction are stored.

Aeryus BlockExplorer is your personal digital receipt
box where all of your monetary transactions reside on the blockchain—fraud-free and forever. Your identity can’t be compromised. Your currency is safe. Your transactions are secure.

It’s Everywhere. Digital currency web browser plugin.

Since Aeryus is such a convenient way to make secure payments with digital currency, isn’t it a shame that Aeryus isn’t everywhere? Well, it can be, thanks to Aeryus DApps™.