Our flagship product is the first
complete transactional network
built for digital currencies.

“With Aeryus ChainPayments™ use any digital currency
you own to make payments, transfer money, split the
check, or shop online. As quick and easy as using a debit
card, but with advanced features that eliminate fraud,
protect your identity, and store receipts forever.”

Built to work
with your business.

AeryusOne™ is a POS terminal that allows small and large
businesses, to accept all forms of digital currency on the
Aeryus Network. AeryusOne™ works seamlessly with
Aeryus ChainPayments™ to give you complete control
over your transactions and deliver funds almost instantly.
No settlement lag from banks. Low, low processing fees.
Which means, you may never need a bank again.
Scheduled for mid-2019 release.

Power your business with Aeryus FirewallAI™

Aeryus FirewallAI™ is a trusted partner for businesses needing
machine learning AI. It is flexible and scalable to work
with any size business in any industry across the globe.

Built to protect all your transactions

Aeryus FirewallAI™ built a powerful layer of protection
that lives in the background of the Aeryus network.
You’ll never know it’s even there until you need it.
Whether for buiness or personal use, if anything suspicious
occurs, Aeryus FirewallAI™ will notify you immediately.

Built for forever.

Paper receipts and contracts are a thing of the past
because Aeryus BlockExplorer saves them
on the blockchain—fraud-free and forever.
Your identity can’t be compromised.
Your transactions are secure.
Count on it.
Launching in late 2019.

Built to be everywhere.

DApp — Decentralized Application.
The focus of the Aeryus DApp on our ChainPayments
App, is identity authentication at the point of transaction.

Aeryus DApp allows web-based merchants
to recognize and approve purchases quickly
and securely, while keeping transactions
completely decentralized and protected on the blockchain.

Aeryus DApp integrates
easily with digital currency and offers
extraordinary security keeping all transactions
on a decentralized blockchain.

The artist's blockchain

Blockchain for the arts.
Registering your artwork on
the blockchain is the Aeryus solution
to prevent counterfeiting, ensure authenticity
prove ownership and secure royalties.



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